Shohar Ko Apna Gulam Ya Apna Diwana Banane Ka Wazifa In Hindi

Shohar Ko Apna Gulam Ya Apna Diwana Banane Ka Wazifa In Hindi ,” A shohar ko apna banane ki dua will be: ‘Allah. i need you to create my husband mine once more. I even have been his devoted married woman since we’ve been married. i like him with all my heart. However, I even have detected a retardant recently. he’s obtaining drawn to different girls. It sounds like he doesn’t love American state any longer.

Earlier, he wont to be thus caring and romantic. Now, he ignores American state when he comes home from work. He doesn’t eat the food that I steel onself for him. he’s not inquisitive about American state any longer. Please build him love American state once more. i need him to be mine once more like he wont to be after we married. Please Lord, answer my prayers.’

Do you wish your husband to concentrate to everything you say? you’ll be additional logical and more sensible than him in life. In such a case, you’ll raise Supreme Being to create your husband your slave. A shohar KO apnagulambanane ki duacan be as follows: ‘I pray to you Supreme Being. My husband isn’t thinking straight.

He simply spends and doesn’t believe saving. we’ve recently married however he doesn’t appear to think about a secure future. Please build him hear no matter I say. I solely wish what’s best for each people. i need United States to own an excellent life currently and within the future. Please build him my gulam in order that we are able to produce a contented life along and live merrily invariably.’

Is your husband upset with you? have you ever done one thing that has caused him to be sad? Then you’ll build a shohar ko manane ki dua. associate example of such style of dua is ‘Allah, the Almighty. I even have inadvertently hurt my husband. I created alittle joke and he got terribly upset. it had been not my intention to harm him in any means.

I want him to be his usual happy seld once more. Please show American state the trail in order that he will forgive me. I don’t wish him to be thus upset with American state. i like him with all my heart that is why this is often terribly painful. Please Lord, perceive my anguish and show American state however I will build him happy once more.’

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